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Information on Acrylic Mirror Sheets

Half the weight of glass, acrylic mirror sheets are shatter resistant with extensive design flexibility. It may be cut into intricate shapes, drilled, sanded, polished, machined, cold formed for curved shapes or heated for sharp line bends. Furthermore, it is safer than glass with ten times the break resistance because acrylic mirror lends itself to many different applications. Acrylic mirror is a highly reflective material and is manufactured by only a handful of companies nationwide.

The material is an optically perfect acrylic sheet that is vacuum metalized in a vacuum chamber. All sheets are protected on the back by a durable scratch resistant coating and the front surface is protected with either a clear polyethylene film.

Options Available

Acrylic mirror sheets are also available with options, such as a pressure sensitive backing, protected with a release liner or with an abrasion resistant front surface for that extra durable requirement. Additionally, the plastic may be plated on either surface, offering a standard mirrored sheet or a first surface mirrored sheet. Acrylic mirror sheet is used in numerous applications such as plastic displays, plastic signs, plastic letters, decorative profiles, locker mirrors, shower mirrors, dental utensils, etc.                                                

Note: Plastic mirror clear and colored.  
   *Non Stock Items are available upon request.



Acrylic mirror color options

Clear Acrylic Mirror Sheet - Stock Information

.060" (1.5mm)

.080" (2.0mm)

  • 48  x  96  Stock Item
  • 48 x 96  Non Stock Item 

.118" (3.0mm)

  • 48  x  96  Stock Item 
  • 60  x  96   Non Stock Item
  • 72  x  96   Non Stock Item
.177" (4.5mm)

.220" (5.6mm)

.236" (6.0mm)

  • 48  x  96   Non Stock Item
  • 60  x  96   Non Stock Item 
  • 72  x  96   Non Stock Item
Custom Thicknesses & Sizes Available


Colored Acrylic Mirror Sheet - Stock Information 

Thickness Sizes
.118" (3mm) in the following colors:

1300 Gold

2424 Blue

2064 Grey

2120 Teal

1050 Grey

2414 Green

2208 Yellow

2422 Amber

2404 Bronze

1119 Orange

1600 Bronze

1450 Pink

1400 Red

2423 Red

1020 Purple

1000 Blue

2069 Blue


48 x 96  Non Stock Items 


Custom Thicknesses & Sizes Available


First Surface Mirror Sheets - Stock Information

“See-Thru” Mirror Sheet

More commonly known as two-way mirror, it is designed to allow you to view from one side without being detected. The density of the mirror is monitored during production allowing a wide range of transmitted light. Product applications include: ceiling panels for closed circuit cameras, security and medical monitoring, infinity lights and sun glare reducers. Sheets come 0.125” in thickness and 48” x 96” width and length.

Description Sizes
  First Surface Mirror (2-Sided)
.118" & .236"(3mm & 6mm)
Available in Acrylic Custom Sizes & Thicknesses.
  48 x 96  Non Stock Item


Polystyrene Mirror Sheet

Polystyrene mirror sheet is a high impact material that has a white or black substrate and a first surface mirrored coating. It is a quality mirror sheet suitable for many applications. This material is a fine less expensive product. Applications include decorative products, plastic displays, toys, baby products, signs, and many other uses were high reflective quality is required. 

Description Sizes
  .118" & .236"(3mm & 6mm)
Available in Acrylic Custom Sizes & Thicknesses Available
  48 x 96  Non Stock Item


Stock Sheets 48" x 96" gauges from 0.040" - 0.250" colors available. 0.040" Sheets can be rolled & fit in an 8x8x48 inch box & shipped by UPS. Note 5 sheets per box max. 

Polycarbonate Mirror Sheet

Polycarbonate mirrored sheet is the most impact-resistant plastic mirrored sheet. It has excellent strength along with unique heat and flames resistant properties. It features the industries toughest protective back coating. Polycarbonate mirrored sheet is able to withstand the most demanding fabricating requirements, yet it is light enough for handling ease. Proven field durability makes it an ideal sheet for use in environments where security, surveillance, and safety are factors; such as schools, prisons, taverns, institutions and casinos. It is also well suited for toys, signs and other rugged applications. Polycarbonate mirrored sheet is manufactured in standard 48” x 96” sheet sizes with thicknesses of .118 and .236 and comes in clear or bronze.

Description Sizes

Available in Polystyrene Colors,
Custom Sizes & Thicknesses 

  48 x 96  Non Stock Item


USES FOR POLYCARBONATE MIRROR: Security, Institutional Environments, Schools, Prisons, Bars, Casinos, Grocery Stores, Toys, Signage & Other Rugged Applications.

Marine Grade Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Thickness Sizes
.118"(3mm) & .236"(6mm)
Clear Only
48 x 96  Non Stock Item
Custom Sizes Available

Marine Grade material is double inspected to ensure maximum quality standards.

Textured Acrylic Mirror Sheet

48 x 96  Non Stock Item


PETG Mirror Sheet

Thickness Sizes
A-81 Stipple Pattern
Prismatic Pattern
Non-Glare Pattern
48 x 96 Non Stock Item
Custom Sizes

USES FOR PETG MIRROR: Children's Toys, Office Supplies, Cosmetic Mirrors, Advertising Promotions, or Products of Complex Shapes.

Clear Mirror Sheet

Description Sizes
Clear Mirror
(0.7mm,1.0mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm)
48 x 96  Non Stock Item
Custom Sizes


Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for the wonderful service.  Producing thousands of parts every month for us without any rejects plus your on-time delivery sets you apart.  American Acrylics has and continues to be a wonderful supplier!  Chuck.

We have worked with American Acrylics for over 20 years.  The sheet products they supply us, either domestic of import, always meet up to our standards.  Thank you!  Ben.

American Acrylics produces some of the finest laser cut edge quality we have ever seen.  Our parts are edge lit and require a highly polished blemish free edge.  Keep up the good work. 

We order hundreds of 4x8 foot styrene mirror sheets per year and American Acrylics' great packaging and on time delivery is the best.

American Acrylics produces 600,000 first surface acrylic mirror circle on an annual basis.  They hold tight precision cutting tolerances and package them 18,000 to a box for easy handling.  Great supplier.  Thanks.

Cutting Services

American Acrylics laser cutting services. We also offer cut to size on our terrific table saws. We can provide various edge finishing styles, drill & countersink and offer either a buffed or flame polished finish to make that edge sparkle.

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