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Acrylite FF and Acrylite GP
Acrylic Sheet Products

Three surface finishes available: glossy, matte and textured.

There are two methods of manufacturing acrylic sheets. Acrylite FF acrylic sheet is made by a propietary continuously manufactured method which was introduced in 1977. Acrylite GP acrylic sheet is made by the traditional cell-cast method.

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Acrylite FF Acrylic Sheet

Acrylite FF Acrylic Sheetcontinuously manufactured acrylic plastic sheet has the same transparency, light weight weather resistance and rigidity as Acrylite GP acrylic plastic sheet, but at a more economical price. Acrylite FF sheet is available as a colorless plastic as well as in a standard transparent and opaque colors. Acrylite FF acrylic plastic sheet, to date, is the fastest growing acrylic sheet product on the market. ACRYLITE FF acrylic sheet can be used in virtually all of the applications of the ACRYLITE GP sheet product.

ACRYLITE FF P-99 sheet has a matte-finish non-glare surface that can be painted or screen printed. Its non-glare surface makes it very popular for picture framing and display windows.

ACRYLITE OP-3 sheet and ACRYLITE OP-3 P99 sheet have a matte finish non-glare surface. They were developed to meet the special needs of the picture frame industry. They offer ultraviolet filtering, light weight and ease of fabrication.

ACRYLITE FFV sheet is used primarily to make outdoor patio furniture. It has a medium grain texture and provides 69% light transmission.

ACRYLITE FFX sheet is typically use to make cutting boards and chair mats. It provides 66% light transmission and has a decorative stippled texture.

ACRYLITE FF OPTICAL GRADE sheet is a new product designed for applications requiting a high level of optical purity, low birefringence and exact dimensional specifications. Uses include optical data storage, mirrors, lenses and light-management applications.

Acrylite GP Acrylic Sheet

ACRYLITE GP acrylic plastic sheet is a cell-cast acrylic sheet. It comes in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses and is available as colorless sheet as well as in a variety of transparent, translucent and opaque colors. Acrylite GP acrylic plastic sheet is used in many applications: signs, POP and store displays, toys, picture frames, medical and surgical applications, lighting diffusers and glazing, also an endless list of decorative and industrial uses.

ACRYLITE OP-1 acrylic sheet is similar to ACRYLITE GP sheet, but transmits more ultraviolet light. It is useful where a broader spectrum of sunlight transmission is desired than is possible with ACRYLITE GP sheet. Due to those qualities there are many scientific applications for which ACRYLITE OP-1 sheet is suited.

ACRYLITE OP-2 sheet is an ultraviolet filtering grade of acrylic sheet. Because it filters 98% of the harmful ultraviolet light portion of sunlight, it is used for display cases and protective glazing, primarily by museums, galleries and private collectors.

ACRYLITE OP-4 acrylic sheet transmits 70% or more of the available ultraviolet light in the 340 nanometer range. This material comes with a limited warranty for tanning beds that extends for 5000 hours. It is comfortable, warm to the touch and easy to clean with water and a mild detergent.

ACRYLITE GP P-95 acrylic sheet has a matte finish that reduces reflected light, in direct contact with an object, transparent clarity is achieved. It is offered in colorless, translucent and all custom colors, ideal for sign and display applications. ACRYLITE GP fluorescent sheet, in many vivid colors, comes in three grades: ACRYLITE GP F sheet is recommended for indoor use only. ACRYLITE GP FL sheet offers color uniformity of surface and edge which is especially important in display applications. It has longer fluorescent life and greater thermoformability than ACRYLITE GP F sheet. It is recommended for indoor use only. ACRYLITE GP FLW sheet is a weatherable fluorescent cell cast sheet which can be used in outdoor signs and special effect applications.

ACRYLITE 237 is a break-resistant, transparent sheet specially formulated for use as a noise-control material on highways. It is easy to fabricate, to clean and maintain and offers outstanding aging and corrosion resistance.

ACRYLITE GP BR bullet-resisting acrylic sheet is colorless, transparent and ideal for use in the security-glazing applications.

Acrylite FF Acrylic Sheet and
Acrylite GP Acrylic Sheet
Product Specifications

OPTICAL CLARITY: Acrylite plastics provide excellent light transmission and do not yellow after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

WEATHER RESISTANCE: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will damage signs made from this plastic. Its durability enables it to maintain its original appearance and color despite heat, cold, sunlight and humidity. IMPACT RESISTANCE: Acrylite plastic sheet is significantly more shatter resistant than glass. and also comes in a special bullet-resisting thickness.

LIGHT WEIGHT: Despite its superior strength and durability, this plastic sheet is 50% lighter than glass and only 40% the weight of aluminum.

EASY TO WORK WITH: Laser cut, saw cut, drill, rout, thermoform, paint or screen print it. With Acrylite sheet the possibilities are unlimited.

UV LIGHT RESISTANCE: Colorless Acrylite acrylic plastic sheet resists the degradation caused by ultraviolet light and comes with a 10- year limited warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission.

CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Acrylite acrylic sheet strongly resists many chemicals including ammonia, dilute acids and aliphatic hydrocarbons.

DIMENSIONAL STABILITY: Construction detailing is easy with Acrylite acrylic sheet’s predictable tolerances. Some shrinkage does occur during heating before forming, Acrylite acrylic sheet is reliably stable after thermoforming up to 195 degrees farenheight. One very important advantage of using Acrylite acrylic sheet is its consistently reliable and workable molecular weight. It is essential that acrylic sheet have a consistent molecular weight below 2 million moles per gram average. Acrylic sheet with a higher molecular weight does not have the desired formability, cementability, weatherability, coatability, combustability and purity characteristics. Some imported cast acrylic sheets have molecular weights approaching 3.5 million and contain up to 3% unreacted products. Acrylite GP and Acrylite FF acrylic sheets are known for their strong solvent-cemented bonds, their ease of fabrication and their purity brought about by consistent molecular weight and very low levels of unreacted products. With all of this in mind, you can be sure you are using the very best available material. Acylite acrylic sheet gives you dependable and consistent quality.

HANDLING: Leave masking on the material during handling to protect the sheet surface. American Acrylics can offer suggestions for cutting, drilling, finishing, forming, bending, joining and installing this material as well as supplying fabrication briefs for whatever you application may be.

CLEANING: To clean ACRYLITE acrylic sheet, use a mild soap and water solution. Wipe with a soft cloth. Further cleaning details are available in a pamphlet “Caring for ACRYLITE sheet.”

STORAGE: Store masked ACRYLITE acrylic sheets away from direct sunlight and heat. Exposure may make clean removal of masking difficult.

PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: This information is available upon request. Ask for a brochure on “Physical properties of ACRYLITE acrylic sheet.”

CODES AND STANDARD - ACRYLITE acrylic sheet meets the following requirements:

  • AS4, 5, 6, 7 of the ANSI Z26.6
  • ANSI Z97-1 (0.080 U)
  • Light Transmitting Plastic Chapters of most Building Codes (Refer to BOCA No. 84-1 ICBO No. 2158, SBCCI No. 8483, N.Y.City MEA 144-80M)

Consult your building code for approved
uses for ACRYLITE acrylic sheet products.

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