Small Butterfly Clipboard Clip B6 – 3″ – Premium Quality


  • High Quality
  • Sturdy Design
  • Tight Grip
  • Strong Spring
  • Polished Nickel Finish
  • Two Holes for Rivets

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Small Butterfly Clipboard Clip B6 – 3″


Clip Size (Width) Mounting Hole Spacing Clip Hole Diameter
3″ 2 1/4″ 0.160″

Drawing (dimensions in mm)


  • High Quality
  • Sturdy Design
  • Tight Grip
  • Strong Spring
  • Polished Nickel Finish
  • Two Holes for Rivets



The small butterfly clipboard clip B6 is a high-quality, durable clipboard clip designed to securely fasten your documents to your clipboard. Its unique design and powerful grip ensure that your papers stay in place, even when you’re on the move. Whether you’re a busy professional, a student, or an artist, this clip will make your work easier and more efficient.  They can also be assembled with a custom clipboard design from American Acrylics.



A small butterfly clipboard clip is a small yet essential accessory that can greatly improve the efficiency of your workday. This versatile tool is designed to keep your important documents secure and organized, so you can focus on the task at hand.



At its core, the small butterfly clipboard clip is a simple device that attaches to your clipboard and holds your papers in place. However, not all clips are created equal. The best clips are durable, easy to use, and provide a strong grip that won’t let your documents slip or slide around.

One such clip that meets all of these requirements is the B6. This clip is made from high-quality materials that are built to last, so you can be confident that your documents will remain secure over time. The B6 features a sturdy spring that provides a tight grip, holding many sheets of paper securely in place.


Ease of Use

The small butterfly clipboard clip B6 is also incredibly easy to use. The clip is designed to fit standard letter-sized paper, making it a great choice for anyone who needs to work with standard documents.  What sets the B6 apart from other clipboard clips on the market is its innovative design. Whether you’re in a meeting, out in the field, or working from a coffee shop, this is the perfect accessory to keep your documents secure and organized.


Another great feature  is its versatility. The clip is designed to work with a wide range of surfaces, including clipboards, folders, and even table edges. This makes it a great choice for anyone who needs to work in a variety of settings, whether you’re at your desk or out in the field.  But perhaps the best thing about the small butterfly clipboard clip is its affordability. This clip is priced competitively, making it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to keep their documents secure without breaking the bank. And because it’s built to last, you can be confident that your investment will pay off over time.


Applications for small butterfly clipboard clips:


  1. Organization in the Workplace:

Small butterfly clipboard clips find a natural home in the professional workspace. They prove to be indispensable tools for organizing documents, memos, and important notes. The clips securely hold together stacks of papers, preventing them from getting lost or disorganized. This simple yet effective method of organization not only saves time but also contributes to a more efficient and productive work environment.

Moreover, these clips are often used on clipboards to keep important forms or documents in place, making it easier for professionals to take notes or fill out paperwork on the go. In industries where documentation is crucial, such as healthcare or legal services, these clips help maintain order and ensure that essential information is readily accessible.

  1. Enhancing Educational Environments:

Educational institutions, ranging from elementary schools to universities, can benefit significantly from the applications of small butterfly clipboard clips. Students and teachers alike can use these clips to organize handouts, class notes, and assignments. The clips offer a practical solution for keeping educational materials intact, preventing them from getting misplaced or damaged.

Furthermore, educators often use clipboard clips during presentations or classroom activities. By affixing relevant documents to clipboards, teachers can easily reference materials without the fear of losing them. This practice fosters a more organized and focused learning environment.

  1. Creative Uses in Art and Design:

Beyond their organizational utility, small butterfly clipboard clips can also serve as creative tools in the realm of art and design. Artists and designers often utilize these clips to display their work or create temporary installations. The clips can hold sketches, drawings, or printouts securely in place, allowing for a dynamic and changeable showcase.

In collaborative work environments, such as design studios or art workshops, these clips can be employed to create vision boards or mood boards. By attaching various visual elements to a clipboard, individuals can visually express ideas, themes, or project concepts. The clips provide a versatile means of arranging and rearranging visuals, encouraging a fluid and iterative creative process.

  1. Home Organization and DIY Projects:

Small butterfly clipboard clips find a place in household organization and DIY projects, proving their versatility beyond professional and educational settings. In a home office, these clips can be used to keep bills, receipts, and important documents in order. They can also serve as placeholders for to-do lists or grocery lists, ensuring that essential information is always at hand.

In DIY projects, clipboard clips become handy tools for holding together patterns, templates, or project plans. Craft enthusiasts, hobbyists, and home improvement aficionados appreciate the clips’ ability to keep materials secure and easily accessible during the creative process.

  1. Event Planning and Coordination:

Event planners and coordinators often rely on small butterfly clipboard clips to keep track of essential details during the planning stages. These clips can secure checklists, vendor contracts, and other pertinent documents on clipboards, providing a portable and organized way to manage event logistics. The ability to easily reference and update information contributes to smoother event execution.

Additionally, these clips prove valuable for organizing seating charts, guest lists, and schedules during events. Their unobtrusive design allows for discreet attachment of documents without detracting from the overall aesthetics of the event.


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