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Polycarbonate sheet is the glazing choice whenever high optical quality and high impact is required. All grades exhibit low levels of stress.

It is available in thicknesses of .060″(1.5mm) to .500″(12.7mm), and sheet sizes up to 72″ x 96″, depending on thickness. The sheet come with a strong polyethylene masking.

UVP polycarbonate sheet offers improved weatherability for longer service life compared to standard polycarbonate sheet. Manufactured using a proprietary process. UVP sheet offers the high impact and superior optical properties of the standard sheet. UVP sheet is available in thicknesses of .060″(1.5mm) to .500″(12.7mm) and in sheet sizes of 48″ x 96″, 60″ x 96″ and 72″ x 96″. UVP sheet is backed by a five year limited warranty against yellowing and loss of light transmission.

AR polycarbonate sheet is an abrasion resistant and chemical resistant sheet product designed to offer protection from chemical attack, marring and everyday abrasion. The protective coating allows cleaning with commercially available household cleaners. AR sheet is available with the abrasion resistant coating on one or both sides of the sheet. AR sheet is available in thicknesses of .060″(1.5mm) to .500″(12.7mm) and sizes of 48″ x 96″ up to 60″ x 120″ depending on thickness.

So even if your project calls for GE Lexan, our polycarbonate sheet is a viable option.



Polycarbonate Sheet
(Continuously Manufactured)


Features Standard
General Purpose

High Light Transmission Impact Resistant Easily Cut and Formed Easily Cemented and Painted 0.060″ 0.080″ 0.093″ 0.118″ 0.177″ 0.236″ 0.375″ 0.500″







High-quality Polycarbonate Sheet is the perfect solution for your construction, industrial, and DIY projects. Crafted with durability and versatility in mind, this sheet is designed to excel in a wide range of applications.

Constructed from premium polycarbonate material, polycarbonate sheet offers exceptional strength, impact resistance, and weatherability. It can withstand extreme temperatures, from scorching heat to freezing cold, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you need a reliable roofing material, protective barriers, safety glazing, or even greenhouse panels, our Polycarbonate Sheet delivers unparalleled performance.

With its lightweight design, this sheet is easy to handle and install, saving you time and effort. It can be easily cut, drilled, and shaped to fit your specific requirements, allowing for seamless integration into any project. The clear transparency of the sheet ensures excellent light transmission, maximizing natural illumination while providing a crystal-clear view.

One of the outstanding features of this sheet is its exceptional impact resistance. It is virtually unbreakable, providing superior protection against accidental impacts, vandalism, and extreme weather conditions. This makes it a safer alternative to traditional glass, reducing the risk of injury and property damage.

Additionally, this sheet is UV-stabilized, preventing yellowing, brittleness, and degradation over time. The protective coating shields against harmful UV rays, ensuring long-term clarity and maintaining the sheet’s physical properties even after prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Maintenance is a breeze with our Polycarbonate Sheet. It is resistant to stains, chemicals, and environmental pollutants, allowing for effortless cleaning and upkeep. Simply wipe it down with mild soap and water, and it will retain its original appearance and performance for years to come.

Whether you are a contractor, architect, or DIY enthusiast, our sheet is your reliable solution for a wide array of applications. Its durability, versatility, and ease of use make it the go-to choice for various projects, offering exceptional value for your investment.

Choose our Polycarbonate Sheet today and experience the perfect combination of strength, versatility, and clarity. Unlock the possibilities and achieve outstanding results with a product that stands the test of time.


Compare polycarbonate to acrylic.


Ask for a quote for laser cutting or saw cutting (cut-to-size) polycarbonate sheet.


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